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Çeng: A Brief History -1

The çeng, a forgotten medieval lap harp with a colorful history going as far back as 3000 BCE is resurrected in The Turkish...

Çeng in Visual Arts -1

Painting of Jean Lecomte du Noüy from Musee d'Orsay where a large çeng can be seen. The çeng is the basis of my...

Çeng in Poetry – 1

"Çengname" is an example of medieval mystic literature from Türkiye. The çeng is a historical harp upon which The Turkish Harp Project is...

Litros – On Music Publishing

My observations on music publishing and the circulation of scores in Turkey. Based on my journey with The Turkish Harp project, rooted on...

Litros – Turkish Harp Project

My article about music publishing and the Turkish Harp Project (çeng)

Litros – The Background of a Benefit Concert

Afterthoughts of a benefit concert I performed for the double earthquake victims in Turkey, including a new composition "Resilience" in the Alaim-i Sema...

Litros – The Turkish Harp

A personal account of The Turkish Harp project, its journey

Litros – Wasted Education

My impressions about the education system in Turkey

Remembering Ayla Eryüksel

My own eulogy to Ayla Eryüksel, the Turkish fashion designer who dressed me for the last 17 years

Concert at the 1st Global Refugee Forum, Geneva

Performance at the Global Refugee Forum, Geneva, Switzerland

Setting up stage in Villages

The new project I am a part of "Müştemilat Kumpanya" is very different from anything else I have done so far. Here is...

Performing in Villages and Small Towns

I am overjoyed to be part of a new project titled “Müştemilat Kumpanya” that consists of six concerts in villages and small towns...