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The Turkish Harp – Artfulliving

News on the Artfulliving platform about the Turkish Harp Project...

Interview – World Harp Congress Review

An in-depth interview about The Turkish Harp which appeared in the Fall 2023 issue of the World Harp Congress Review

Interview – Yeşilay January 2024

Interview for the Yeşilay (Green Cross) magazine...

Interview “The Turkish Harp” – P.D.L.T.

Recently I talked to P.D.L.T. from Singapore about the Turkish Harp Project as my piece "The Cry of the Flamingos" is chosen as...

Interview “The Çeng” – P.D.L.T

Interview with the P.D.L.T. about the çeng

Interview – Sabah

An interview based on A Para TV Channel appearance about The Turkish Harp Project

Interview – Folkart 2022

Interview with Nihat Demirkol from Folkart magazine

Interview – Anatolian Press Agency

An interview with the Anadolu Haber Ajansı about The Turkish Harp Music Collection

Interview – Akşam

An interview about the release of the single The Cry of the Flamingos, the first of the Alaim-i Sema series

Interview – Sabah

An in-depth interview about the Turkish Harp Project with İlker Gezici

Review – Aydınlık

Ezgi Coşkunpınar wrote a beautiful review of my a duo recital with flutist Elif Yurdakul

Turkish Daily News – Interview