Şirin Pancaroğlu’s fourth composition in the “Alaim-i Sema” series, “Resilience” is a reaction to the material and spiritual devastation caused by the earthquakes of February 6, 2023 in Turkey. It is her emotional resistance and intellectual quest. In this work, Pancaroğlu feels and shares the state of mind of her colleague Bülent Okan, who experienced another earthquake, while maintaining an understanding and attitude that rebels against the human negligence that such natural disasters make evident, but still does not lose hope for a beautiful future.

With “Resilience”, Pancaroğlu turns to our feelings with the meticulousness of an interpreter, while guiding our minds with the foresight of a guide. The concept of resilience resonates through the strong melodies she creates as a contrast in fragile minor keys as well as through the variable structures in the rhythmic elements and the momentary rebellious rises in the free sections. When you lend you ears to the conversation between Pancaroğlu’s harp and Okan’s ud, you will want to listen again and again.


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Resilience (Mukavemet)

Release Date : 29 September 2023
Artists : Bülent Okan, Şirin Pancaroğlu
Genres : Turkish, World music

Şirin Pancaroğlu wrote “Resilience” as a personal reaction to the double earthquakes that hit Turkey in 2023