In The Cry of the Flamingos, I wish to draw attention to the flamingos of Turkey whose habitats are under threat. Mesmerized by this elegant and delicate species which has made Turkey a permanent home, I  imagined to lend a plea through music for the flamingos from my own world, wishing to point to the fact that their natural habitats need to be respected and protected.

The piece starts out with an improvisation that serves like a visual tableau of the still wetlands where flamingos live. I then propose a musical drive in which the elements of Turkish music, namely usul and makam (melodic development), along with a traditional  formal structure function like a host to other music traditions, supported by a strong theme, rhythm and melodic abundance. It is as if the habitats of the birds are intertwined with the broad and intricate nature of the music.

My own arrangement of the piece features Elif Yurdakul’s elegant and deep vocals, Arslan Hazreti’s misty yet agile kamancha, Bülent Okan’s rich and warm ud playing, Nezih Yeşilnil’s flowing bass and Ozan Pars’ lively rhythms coupled with my harp playing.

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The Cry of the Flamingos

Release Date : 2 September 2022

The first of the “Alaim-i Sema” series, this is my musical take on flamingos’ plight