Eternal Love, as its title wishes to suggest, is a sufi music album. Hymns which form the main focus of the album are little melodies composed to help communicate and thus better applied in real world the wonderful lessons conveyed in sufi literature. The album features Şimdi Ensemble I was a founding member of and guest artist Michel Godard. Released in January 2016 on the Gaido-Dreyer label for Germany and the rest of the world, while Kalan assumed the Turkish release. The Gaido-Dreyer release was made possible by a grant of the Yunus Emre Institute.

This recording which presents old and new examples of this genre also features compositions by band members. Although this compositional genre seems to be simple, hymns are considered a matter of pure musicality and genious. This is called “sehl-i mümteni” in old Turkish, whether in literature or in music. In other words, the person singing or listening could say: “I could do this too”.

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Eternal Love

My 11th album “Eternal Love” is released in Germany and Turkey.