Eski Dünya, Yeni Dünya (Old World, New World) is the album of project realized with Tekfen Philharmonic Orchestra in 2008 in which we tried to bring together the past and the future, the east and the west, the tradition and modernism in an unusual concerto for the harp and its Turkish historical counterpart, the çeng. This was also the project which enabled me to make a revival of this forgotten ancient harp.

Entitled “Uninvited Guests”, Hasan Uçarsu was commissioned to compose this unique concerto for two instruments played by one player. The work was premiered at the International Istanbul Music Festival in 2008.

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Eski Dünya, Yeni Dünya

Album which features my revival project of the çeng, “Uninvited Guests”, Concerto for harp & Çeng and Orchestra by Hasan Uçarsu