IMG-20151008-WA0004I had the privilege of having dinner with the legendary Turkish tango singer of the 50’s Mr Celal Ince on October 8 , 2015 in Chicago where he has been living since the late 50’s. A handsome man of 94, Celal Ince was a pop star in his days. He told me he was getting 1000 fan letters a month during his peak years in Turkey! Handwritten of course! Today he is an energetic, wise man, who still works a 8-5 shift, that is how connected he is with life. It was such an emotional moment for me as I have been listening to his fantastic tango singing for the last decade in admiration. I presented him by Cafe Tango album. This was an unforgettable dinner, one of the highlights of the US tour . Celal Ince, you are such an inspiration to me.